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Pure Normal Water Purifier
Brand: Heron
Origin: Taiwan
Membrane: USA
Filtration Stage: Six
Water Capacity : 3.2 G Storage
Hourly : 10L
Technology: Reverse Osmosis.

Water Quality:

• 100% purified safe drinking water as per BSTI and WHO’s standard

 Support and Service *:
• Make your payment after successful installation
• Installation charge is free of cost
• One year full guarantee including spare parts  
• Free service every three months including filters within guarantee period

Why buy from us

• We ensure genuine products, genuine spare parts and genuine price which is affordable by wide customers

• On time delivery and strong customer’s support
Delivery charge and installation inside Dhaka + ৳500
Delivery charge and installation outside Dhaka + ৳1,000

How to Buy ?

Visit showroom  House.21 Azampur kancha Bazer

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